I'm Sarah! 19. I like anime and video games. I play League of Legends on the daily. Support main. Magical girl. Writer for eSports.

Sammy voluntarily turned on Supernatural for me to watch.

I am flabbergasted.

kyojo-jojo asked: sarah calls foreskin sausage encasing..


i really want to post this.
i feel like i shouldn’t post this.

but im going to post this.
because that’s the kind of friend i am.

because i think if it wasnt meant to be posted,
you would’ve just texted it to me.

but im laughing really hard,
and i need to share this with the world.

In North Carolina my skin is dry. In Vermont it’s oily and sticky. And I didnt bring a matte serum or toner. Just a moisturizer. Help me.

Also thank you everyone for safe trip wishes. ♡

At the airport finally! My tummy finally settled down after about 14 hours of constant icky feelings. Now if only I wasnt so tired. X.x